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Bluebeam Revu 20.2.70 x64 Multilingual

By bluebeam
sales price : $ 250.00


This is full retail version not academic or student can use it forever have no time limite.comes only a dvd-r disk and all code needed,step by step installation instruction.
World wide shipment,you will get it within 8 working days.

Bluebeam Revu 20.2.70 x64 Multilingual

Bluebeam® Revu® 20 is the latest iteration of the popular PDF workflow software for AEC construction professionals. It gives you the smart tools that you need to keep your team in sync – communicating and collaborating better to get your jobs done right, on time, and on budget.

First Glance
One of the first things that you will notice in Bluebeam Revu 20, is that it does not look much different than the previous 2019 or even earlier Revu 2018 version. This means that it will not require much of an adjustment to most users.

As before, all markup and measurement tools can be found under the Tool Command in the top Command Bar. Clicking that command displays a drop-down menu containing version submenus. You can certainly go through those menus, but if you need to quickly jump to a specific tool, there is a better way.

Find Tools + Commands
Under the help menu, you will find a new option called Find Tools + Commands. This new option lets you simply search for a specific thing and quickly use it. For example, searching for Cloud, displays both the Cloud Tool and the Cloud+ Tool.

Simply select the one that you want and start using it.

Then you can make any modifications to the markup (or measurement) as you would before either via the Properties Toolbar or opening the Properties Tab – changing color, adding hatch patterns, etc.

Adding Multiple Leader Lines
Often you need to add callout information to something on the page. Using the Find Tools + Commands option again, a quick search of “callout” gets you to the tool.

Sometimes, when placing callouts, you need additional leader lines that point to different areas of interest. While it has been possible to do this in Bluebeam before, the caveat is that the any additional leader lines split from the same leg of the initial leader.

Now, in Revu 20, it is possible to have different leaders anchor to different areas of the callout box.

New Markups List Filters
Once the markups and/or takeoffs are complete, you usually want to share this info with your project partners. If there is a lot of data to go through, filters are a great way to only showcase only the relevant information needed.

Bluebeam has offered the ability to filter markup information in the past, but now the Filter List Tool is more intuitive, much more dynamic, and gives you the ability to save your filters to use again later – a major time saver.

Once you are in the markups list, select the Filter List button and filter by any column header. Simply click the header to display the available choices to filter.

Better Workflow = More Success with Revu 20
Ultimately, the new features of Bluebeam Revu are specifically designed to help you work smarter, collaborate better, and improve communications.

Bluebeam Revu 20.2.70 x64 Multilingual